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There is a minimum charge of $100 that covers the first two hours of on-site service, any further service is charged at $60 per hour.


Carry-In Services (charged when equipment in need of service is brought to my office for repair) is charged on a per job basis with the following price table:

Carry-In Services Carry-In Pricing
PC Setup
Set up users, download & install updates, Install software, and create system restore CDs
PC Diagnostic & Tune-Up
Diagnose system for hardware and software issues, clean up & defragment hard disks, clean out dust from computer case, & scan for & remove viruses & malware
Software Installation
Install & update software (priced per program installed)
Memory Installation
Install memory & make sure it is working correctly
Hard Drive or SSD Installation
Install hard drive or SSD, format & partition
Internal Card or Drive Installation
Installation of optical drives, network interface cards, modems, power supplies, floppy drives, etc.
Operating System Installation
Installation of customer provided OS (Linux Open Source OS variants can be provided free of charge) , user setup & OS updates, install & update software, & create restore CDs
Peripheral Installation
Installation of printers, multi-function machines, cameras, scanners, etc.
Data Backup or Transfer
Data back up to customer provided hard drive or flash drive (DVDs can be provided at $2 per DVD) or transfer from one computer to another
Data Recovery
Disk will be checked to make sure it is viable for recovery. No charge if no data can be recovered.

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